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A part of him wanted to witness something he could tease Malzahn about. Eventually, he musters an answer. When informed his own players, current and former, are the guilty parties, he rolls his eyes and breathes deeply out his nose. It’s hard to explain why he did it. Dismiss it, and it feels you’re being ungrateful. The coach could be deathly serious on the practice field, and a little levity in a season where pressure and expectations had intensified to unreasonable levels couldn’t hurt. A part of Mustain wanted to catch a glimpse of his coach hard at work, unaware he was being watched or studied by one of his students. When a reporter brings it up on a recent visit to his current office — an office with wall-to-floor windows overlooking part of Auburn University’s campus — Malzahn wants to know the names of the foolish people who were uttering it. He’s sitting at a table next to his desk, surrounded by dog-eared notebooks, multicolored Sharpies and manila folders. He could have had some graduate assistant do it, but instead he insisted he do it himself. Agree, and you label yourself as an egomaniac. He then proceeded to diagram his play sheets on manila folders, tracing and retracing (then outlining!) the letters and numbers into the codes that Springdale would use to call plays in its hurry-up, no-huddle offense.

Mustain, in the midst of arguably the greatest season in the history of Arkansas prep football, had been going over Malzahn’s scouting report for one of Springdale’s upcoming opponents. Though he felt as if he had it more or less memorized, it was always fun to pick Coach Malzahn’s brain for hidden insights. It’s the rare compliment that only serves to annoy. “I don’t see myself that way at all,” he said. I’ve said this a million times before, but there is really nothing you can do but keep repeating it: His mind is extraordinary.”

Malzahn was bent over, his face six inches from his desktop, carefully arranging eight different colored Sharpies until they were perfectly aligned. “Every single bar he drew had to be perfect, then it had to be outlined, or he was starting over. “It’s just silly.”

Before he entered Malzahn’s office, Mustain took a peek through the tiny rectangular window in the door. His mind, his players had learned, was like a digital archive.

Gus Malzahn is not a genius. Malzahn could remember tiny details from plays, and the flaws that were their undoing, even if they had occurred years ago. And no one is more adamant about this than Gus Malzahn.

Early one afternoon in the fall of 2005, 17-year-old Mitch Mustain — who at the time was a senior at Springdale High School in Arkansas, and widely considered the best high school quarterback in the United States — decided he was going to take advantage of a free period between classes and pop into the small office occupied by his high school football coach, Gus Malzahn.

He cringes, in fact, whenever he hears the word attached to his name. Instead, it was a bit like stumbling upon John Nash during the scene in “A Beautiful Mind” when the professor is scribbling on walls, furiously trying to crack codes only he can see or begin to understand.

. “I think that scene absolutely reflects him perfectly,” Mustain said

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Las Vegas casinos reinventing the strip to attract new generation

“Older people.”. He doesn’t care if a customer comes for a weekend of gambling or if they’re doing other things, as long as they’re spending money.

At the other end of the Strip, Caesars spent half a billion dollars building “Linq,” an outdoor space home to the tallest observation wheel in the world. So the industry is now trying to increase the odds that millennials will gamble. Now, Las Vegas is once again reinventing itself with a new generation in mind, and for them, gambling is not the primary draw to Sin City, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

Brian Jones

One sprawling construction site on the Las Vegas strip isn’t for a casino at all; it’s for a new 20,000-seat concert arena and a multimillion park — a place to take a stroll when you’re no longer on a roll.

In other words, millennials will spend thousands of dollars on booze, but not on bets.

© 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. 4, 2014.

All of this is to keep Vegas relevant, especially with the millennial generation that’s more likely to be found dancing in state of the art nightclubs or singing at music festivals than playing the same old craps.

David Chang, chief marketing officer for Gamblit, a gaming company focused on millennials, said young people are used to playing games for free on their phones so gambling is not the draw.

Gambling revenue on the Strip was down 12 percent in September — the second straight monthly drop. Last year it was just 37 percent. “They may or may not gamble at all.”

When Murren began his career in Vegas, he never thought he’d be so focused on outdoor dining and parks.

At this point, “a dollar is a dollar” Murren said. It’s called the High Roller.

Unlike Atlantic City’s nearly abandoned boardwalk, Vegas is on a hot streak.

In the 1990s, 58 percent of a Las Vegas resorts’ revenue came from gambling. They’ve also turned the fronts of their casinos into pedestrian friendly hangouts.

Las Vegas Strip at night from the Bellagio

“The casino design of 20 years was all inward facing,” he explained. Even the famed fountains of Bellagio are now dancing to the beat of DJ Tiesto.

For now, Vegas is betting the house that this younger generation will continue to flock to Sin City.

In 1995 when the movie “Casino” hit theaters, keeping gamblers playing was the cardinal rule in Las Vegas, but that’s no longer the case.

“The game is entertaining in and of itself,” he said. “The gambling part of this is part of the entertainment, but not the main focus of the entertainment.”


One part that isn’t much of a focus for millennials, according to Chang, is slot machines.

“They went from Las Vegas being about going to see Frank Sinatra and then playing craps and you’re watching the show, to going to a nightclub, taking a selfie, putting it up on Twitter or Instagram, and you being the show,” University of Nevada Las Vegas director of the Center for Gaming Research David Schwartz said.

“They’re having fun,” Murren said. All Rights Reserved.


“Slot machines are really, really, really great entertainment experiences for a different demographic,” he said. Slot machines are being re-branded with popular TV and movie titles and what was once video poker now looks more like a video game.

This piece originally aired on Nov. New and smaller hotels catering to the young crowd are opening on the Strip, each one hoping their club scene is the hot new thing. Their average age dropped, however, from 50 in 2009 to 45.8 last year.

Las Vegas, Nevada construction site

“These indoor-outdoor spaces are really the future of Las Vegas, so that’s what we’re accomplishing here,” MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren said.

His company is working on the new projects between its “New York, New York” and “Monte Carlo” resorts. “You wanted to suck people in and keep them in and that is the opposite of what we’re doing now.”

The city is on pace to welcome a record 40 million visitors this year

March Madness Las Vegas Party

You can enjoy a March Madness Las Vegas Party or you can plan one of your own. If you do not eat breakfast or lunch and then pig-out at the seafood buffet you are pretty much getting 3 meals at once so the $30.00 buffet breaks down into a more reasonable $10.00 per meal. Spending $30-$50 for a buffet may seem expensive but the food is amazing. The NCAA tournaments give you a lot of action at the local sports books. You do not even have to place a bet to enjoy the action because there is so much going on. It is always nice to have at least one buddy go with you on the March Madness Las Vegas Party trip but if you get stuck going alone that is OK too. You can meet a lot of people and may even get to hook up with a girl at the Prince Harry Las Vegas Party.

One of the best times to visit Sin City is during the NCAA March Madness Tournaments. Occasionally you will run into a problem but usually not. Although I highly encourage you to eat at the cheap buffest while in Vegas you need to ensure you also spend some money and go to a couple of the more extravagant buffets. If you make plans to go to Vegas and have a March Madness Las Vegas Party and your friends cannot make it then leave them alone and go on your own. Expensive Gourmet Vegas Buffets

Most of you gambling will come when you attempt to eat at a cheap buffet and get brown cannon shooting shots into your undies. Actually, the cheap buffets in Vegas are not that bad at all. It is always fun to fill out the brackets. If you are in Vegas though go ahead and place some small dollar bets on some of the games. You should however at least fill out your brackets. Of course you guys are going to be spending most of your time in the cheap room you rented at the Hooters Casino but it’s all good when you are drinking and eating nachos at a March Madness Las Vegas Party 2013!

Lets assume a fancy dinner buffet such as the Sam’s Town Friday Night Seafood buffet will cost you $30.00. March Madness Las Vegas Party

You do not need to place a bet on the basketball games to have fun in Las Vegas. Here are some tips for you and your friends to have an awesome March Madness Las Vegas Party.

There are numerous places that will hold a March Madness Las Vegas Party. Games are always much more interesting even if you only have $4.00 to win if your team comes out victorious.

During the NCAA basketball tournament it always seems likes your friends are working. It is a lot less stressful if you attend someone else but if you have some buddies going down with you to Vegas then it can be very awesome to throw your own March Madness Las Vegas Party in a luxury suite of a Hotel Casino.  

Leave the Friends Home?

Gambling?. If you sneak food out then you can also get some breakfast for the next morning.

Cheap Buffets vs

Striving to Win: We Could All Take A Lesson From Horse Racing’s Most Loveable Loser

. But I do think it’s time we rethink the idea that occupying the number one position is the only truly respectable outcome.

Vince Lombardi, the larger-than-life former coach of the Green Bay Packers, once

said, “Winning isn’t everything . But occasionally, we push ourselves too hard. He’ll be striving to

win as long as they will let him; you can bet on it.. Enjoy the day. I’ve heard others put down their own businesses or occupational efforts in comparison to the next  person’s. Some people in the sport said he

shouldn’t have been allowed to compete at all. And despite the fact that he is not a first-place winner, fans have come to love this horse. I have seen people agonize over their financial goals as though nothing would be right until they achieved them. After a race, Zippy Chippy would prance and strut, holding his tail high. . Be glad that you can run the race.

On reflection, I can’t help but think that part of the blame has to fall on our society.

We are a culture obsessed with winning and success. We know that there are days when, for some

people, just getting out of bed is a great victory … Horse handlers say this is a sign that an animal is pleased with himself. He stole the hats of adults who passed by his stall right off their heads just for fun, but was described as gentle and loving with his owner’s daughter. Zippy Chippy came in second in six races, but refused to leave the gate three times. Still others have admitted neglecting those who are precious to them just to take their business or a personal goals one notch higher.

During his prime, Zippy Chippy was described as “ugly, stupid and nasty,” yet he still had an international fan club. In other words, Zippy Chippy just loved to race, no matter what the outcome.

Zippy Chippy is a racehorse, even though some would argue that point.

In 100 professional races, he never won a single time.

Deep down, we all know different. We glorify winners and demonize losers. But to go to work every day, to open a business, to raise a family, to provide some vital service to the community, or to create a work of art are all phenomenal things to do, regardless of whether our financial or other goals stack up with people down the street. Wise people throughout the ages have urged us to compare ourselves only to ourselves, or risk bitterness and despair. Nor am I saying we shouldn’t always aspire to be the best. If you have done your best, no one can ask any more of you. One only has to see a round of the Special Olympics to know that true heart

doesn’t come only in first-place packages.

So what’s so unusual about Zippy Chippy? It’s his attitude. His fame as the loser who wouldn’t quit, along with his quality of always being happy with his own performance will be used to raise funds for other retired race horses that need a home.

So, what does horse racing have to do with our everday lives? Americans always try to be winners. Here, second best is equated with ‘also ran.’ I’m not saying it’s any different or better elsewhere. Be proud of what you do. I’ve yet to hear of a single boat that has ever left the shores of the United States carrying people desperately trying to get to a ‘better’ place. But the fact that he came in second six times against some of the best in the business argues otherwise. Those last incidents saw him banned from racing in upstate New York.

Maybe we can take a lesson from Zippy Chippy. Why? I believe it’s because they recognize a little piece of themselves in him. So whether you win, place or

show this month, remember the horse that never gets discouraged. We are driven to succeed. The 21-year-old All-American Thoroughbred now resides at Old Friends, a central Kentucky retirement farm for retired race horses. greater than the toughest Olympic

feat. No matter what his

showing was in a given race, he was always pleased with his performance. making the effort to win is.” With only a few

exceptions, Zippy Chippy has always made the effort. They know he is giving his best, and so are they.

We can always improve our lot

INTERTOPSCASINO.COM: Another jackpot hit at Intertops Casino

K will have many more memorable moments at Intertops. But first they’re going to take a little vacation. He and his wife, both big fans of Intertops Casino, were ecstatic about the win, he said.

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INTERTOPSCASINO.COM recently released an article, reporting on another lucky winner at Intertops Casino. It was at Intertops, where a nearly $85,000 jackpot was hit on Caribbean stud. And while $85,000 seems like a windfall, the figure pales in comparison to some of the other prizes that can be found on Intertops casino. The website is operated by Intertops Casino, one of the best known online casinos in the world. It is highly regarded as one of the best online casinos in the world, featuring an excellent selection of classic casino games such as online pokies, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, etc. Progressive slots would be of particular interest to the players, the article claims. The lucky winner was Californian businessman Bruce K.

About Intertops Casino

The full article, as well as information on the latest jackpots and promotions at Intertops is available at

The lucky couple plans to invest a big chunk of the winnings (a total of $84,336) in their family business. and Mrs

Why Is Tobey Maguire Being Sued Over Illicit Gambling Ring?

He clearly was not a safe bet for a player at the top-secret poker tables.

. He likely has enough money to do so.

The poker player who misused funds to play with the actor is Beverly Hills hedge fund manager Brad Ruderman, who set up a Ponzi scheme to pay his debts, including that owed to Maguire. While other actors are implicated as participating in the games, only Tobey is being sued at this point, and none are being pursued on criminal charges.

Tobey Maguire, most well-known as Spiderman, is being sued over an illicit gambling ring because one of his opponents was using money that he received from investors to pay off his bets. The actor has reportedly and wisely lawyered up, but he really should settle this case out of court. However, it could be argued that Tobey Maguire is not at fault for the funds misuse, as he likely was not aware of the method that Ruderman used to get the cash to pay his debts. To be more clear, he is being sued for winning at poker, and the only reason he could be held liable is that fact that the games were actually illegal, according to E! Online.

The actor is being sued by a trustee for the investors that Ruderman embezzled from in an attempt to recover some of the stolen funds

NBA’s top draft pick heads back to class

And me having my degree when I’m finished playing this game, I’ll be able to do it.”

The labor dispute between team owners and National Basketball Association players has already canceled 100 games and threatens to wipe out hundreds more. He’s doing it for his own benefit, as well. He headed back to Duke University in Durham, N.C., to take four courses this semester.

© 2011 CBS Interactive Inc. He told Strassmann, “I want to (make a) mark in the basketball world, but at the same time, me having a mark on the real world is something I really want to do. Kyrie Irving’s dad starred for Boston University in the 1980′s — and graduated. But 52 players right now are taking college courses during the league’s labor dispute, including Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook at UCLA, Stephan Curry at Davidson, and Tristan Thompson at Texas.

Only 25 percent of the NBA’s 450 players have received their college degree.

Kyrie Irving, the 19 year old the Cleveland Cavaliers made the league’s top draft pick, is one of those players. But in the interim, some players are making the most of their time off — working on their minds.

For Strassmann’s full report, click on the video above.

On “The Early Show,” CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reported that the point guard’s decision is to help fulfill a promise he made to his father, Drederick Irving. And for most of them, getting their diplomas one day is at best a passing thought.

But Irving isn’t just going back for his father. All Rights Reserved.

In the college basketball era of “one and done,” many star basketball players leave campus and never come back. Irving has promised him he, too, will finish college.

Make Money The Easy Way Through Free Betting Offers

It is very much like giving away free samples of some food item at the local grocery so that the public can find out how good it tastes and buy it. Some websites give away free betting offers as soon as you place your first bet. If you are extremely wise about your online bets then you can easily make huge amounts of money just by availing of your free betting offers. Free betting offers are special offers given away by online betting websites.

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. Current members of some websites are also given free betting offers each time they place some money on their account.

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MLB to talk betting with owners

Manfred’s comments were tempered — especially compared to NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s call for federal legalization — but represent a dramatic shift from MLB’s longstanding staunch opposition.

“I understand the arguments that Adam made,” Manfred said Thursday, “and I think the most appropriate thing for me at this point … Baseball, along with the NFL, NBA and NHL, are participating in advertising and sponsorship deals with daily fantasy sports. is to wait until I’ve had a chance to deal with the owners on this topic.”. Baseball also was rocked by a gambling scandal in 1989, when it was revealed that all-time hits leader Pete Rose had bet on baseball while managing the Cincinnati Reds. He called on Congress to create a federal framework of regulations and allow states to authorize betting on professional sports.

– This embed didnt make it to copy for story id = 28765013.

“Gambling in terms of our society has changed its presence on legalization,” Manfred said Thursday on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” “and I think it’s important for there to be a conversation between me and the owners about what our institutional position will be.”

Manfred noted that the Office of the Commissioner was formed specifically to deal with gambling, after the Chicago White Sox threw the 1919 World Series. leagues about sports betting and that they all were studying the issue intensively.

New commissioner Rob Manfred says it’s time for Major League Baseball to give “fresh consideration” to an issue it has shunned for decades — legalized sports betting.

In addition, recently retired commissioner Bud Selig said in 2012 deposition testimony that he was “appalled” that New Jersey Gov.

Approximately $725 million was wagered on baseball in 2014 at Nevada’s legal sportsbooks. The American Gaming Association estimates $138.9 billion is wagered illegally on all sports annually in the U.S.

But, as Manfred noted Thursday, sports betting has rapidly become more socially acceptable. Chris Christie was attempting to legalize sports betting.

Silver emphasized his support of legalization in a November op-ed in The New York Times. Rose was banned for life by then-commissioner Fay Vincent.

For decades, baseball’s position on sports betting has been one of utter disdain. Last March, Major League Baseball endorsed daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings as the “official mini fantasy game of”

In late January, Silver told ESPN The Magazine that he had spoken to the commissioners of the other major U.S